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Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree Figurines

Willow Tree figurines are the creation of artist Susan Lordi and are famous for their faceless interpretive forms that capture the essence of our emotions.

One of their most alluring aspects is the way they capture our most intimate feelings in forms that allow us to see what we are feeling in our hearts. Unlike other figurines that try to capture the most minute details to convey a thought or sentiment, Willow Tree figurines present us with a canvas that portrays the emotion while allowing us to imagine the details ourselves.

Although these figurines are not centuries old like other collectibles, they have quickly become highly sought after, and typically sell for premium prices.

How to buy Willow Tree figurines and collectibles and save money

Check ebay first!

Today’s ebay is not the ebay of past years. More reliable, more trustworthy sellers, and a shopping experience as easy as visiting a local retailer – but with better prices.

Here are a couple of examples of the Willow Tree deals you can find on ebay.

Willow Tree Angel of Prayer
$19.95 vs. $11.00

Willow Tree Nativity Creche
$94.00 vs. $54.00
The figurine on the left, the Angel of Prayer, retails for $16.95, but the same figurine was purchased on ebay, new, in the box, for only $11.00 – with FREE shipping!

The nativity creche on the right, the centerpiece of almost all nativity scenes, retails for $94.00, (and often even more), and was recently sold on ebay for $54.00. Again, new, in the box. That’s a $40 savings. That’s almost like being about to buy a couple more Willow Tree figurines for FREE!

Smart shoppers and collectors searching the Net’ for Susan Lordi pieces know they can skip the 500,000+ search results, and go straight to the one online marketplace that is sure to have the largest selection of available pieces in one place, – ebay. Price comparisons have shown that ebay almost always has the best prices.

If not your first, ebay should always be the last place you check before buying any Susan Lordi creation! You will find the same brand-new Willow Tree figurines, angels, and nativity sets for about half the cost of most gift shops and other online sellers.

Why you should check ebay.

  • Cheapest prices
  • Largest selection – over 8000 selections, with new ones added daily
  • ebay Buyer Protection Plan – ebay’s money-back customer satisfaction guarantee now includes shipping costs too! Making your purchases as safe as those from your local gift shop.
    Plus, the “Top-Rate Seller” program ensures that you are buying from reputable sellers and collectors.

Free ebay coupon offer

A note about the “New ebay” and the collectibles market.


See the examples below for savings available for you

Willow Tree Nativity Figurine collage
Willow Tree Angel Figurines
Willow Tree Figurine

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