Goebel MI Hummel Figurines Value and Worth

How to Find the True Value of Hummel Figurines

Goebel Hummel Porcelains Figurines Boy and Girl value
Goebel M.I. Hummel Porcelain Boy and Girl Figurines

Hummel is a name that almost any porcelain collector recognizes, and Hummel figurines are some of the most widely collected in the porcelain figurines market. And that fact, combined with the huge number of figurines that were manufactured by Goebels, a German company, starting in 1935, make finding the value of any particular piece more of a search than just flipping open a price guide to find out what your Hummels are worth.

Book Value vs. True Value

Finding the value of Hummel figurines depends mainly on three factors; rarity, condition, and desirability*. And of course which type of value you are looking for; book value, (suggested retail or estimates by knowledgeable collectors), and true value, (what the Hummel is worth, what someone has and will pay).

These figurines are the artistic designs of Sister M.I. Hummel, recreated in three-dimensional fine German porcelain by the artists at Goebels. Although first released at a 1935 Leipzig Trade Fair, it was the American G.I. and his base PX that really started the American, and then international popularity explosion of these figurines.

Hummels are not one-of-a-kind pieces. Many figurines were produced in up to three different sizes, (generally the larger sizes are more valuable), and many were produced for multiple years. The first, or earliest year’s production is almost always the most valuable to collectors.

How to Identify Your Hummel Figurine

Goebel Hummel Figurine base marks
Hummel Figurine Base marks

You may know the name of your figurine, but since many figurines were produced in multiple years, and sometimes in multiple variations, (different modellers adding their own touch or update), the information you need to specifically identify your piece is on its base.

Some figurines can have as many as 5 or 6 different marks, numbers, dates, and initials, but the two, (or three if the date is inscribed), most important for identification are the mold number, (inscribed), and the stamped trademark. These two will confirm the name of your figurine. The example in the image also includes the inscribed production date. You can use this Hummel Marks and Trademark Dating Guide to find the production date of your figurines.

Hummel “Appletree Girl” #142 and “Appletree Boy” #141

Goebel Hummel Porcelain Appletree Girl and Appletree Boy Figurines
Hummel Porcelain Appletree Girl and Appletree Boy Figurines

Hummel’s Apple Tree Girl and Boy figurines are good examples of value differences in size and production date. They are noted to be the most popular and searched for figurine collector’s pieces. They were produced in various sizes ranging from 3.5″ up to 32,” and the most popular and frequently found, (and sold) is the 6 inch figurine.

In the example of the Appletree Girl #141 figurune, a 3.5″ figurine has a suggested retail price of $149.99, the 6″ size has a $390.00 suggested price, and the largest, the 32 inch size has a suggested price of $29,900.00. However, these are “Book” values. A deeper search is needed to find the True values.

For extreme value comparisons, that 32 inch Apple Tree Girl #141 with her “Book” value of $29,900 has a “sold” price of $4000.00. And that $390.00 6″ figurine has sold for as low as $5. That was not a typo. A TMK-5, (1972–1979 production), Apple Tree Girl sold on ebay for $5

To confuse you even more, here is an example where that same figurine; a 6″ Apple Tree Girl #141 sold for $427.

Hummel Apple Tree Girl #141
Apple Tree Girl on ebay
Hummel Apple Tree Girl #141
Apple Tree Girl on Merccari

As you can see, Hummel figurines have a wide range of real values. But, don’t let that $5 Apple Tree Girl figurine discourage you, It was a late production; 1972–1979, (it has been manufactured since 1940), and it was an anomoly price because there was no box, it had some crazing on the base, and it had been repaired.

If you only want a Book or Estimated value, (not a True value it could be sold for), then Antique-HQ.com has put together a nice reference list that lets you find your figurine by mold number. Just click the image below to look at their price list.

Antique-HQ.com Hummel Figurine Price List

Antique-HQ.com Hummel Price List
Antique-HQ.com Hummel Figurine Price List

Here are some comparisons on Amazon right now that you can compare to the price list:

Find the True value of your Hummel Figurines

When it comes to searching for the True value of a figurine, what Hummels are worth, (what you might be able to sell it for), there is no better online marketplace to start with than ebay. Even antique shops and online collectibles sites check their Hummels for sale first for pricing information.

But note, today’s ebay is not the flea market of its early years. It has made great strides matrching the value and trustworthiness of Amazon. (See a note about the “New ebay” and the collectibles market)

It’s as easy as visiting one ebay page

ebay auction and Buy-It-Now pages offer you the choice to see all completed listings that sold, not just the ones that are listed for sale now. That means you can visit the page below, (for Sold Hummel Figurines), enter your figurine information in the search box, and you will see all recent listings for your figurine — and the price they sold for, which will give you a real world true value range for your piece. Just be sure you are comparing the same date-specific figurines as yours.

If you want to see all current Hummel Figurine listings, just click the ebay logo at the top left of the page.

Just click the image to find your figurine value

*Remember to enter your figurine details in the top search box
ebay Hummel figurines value page
ebay Hummel figurines value page

Available MI Hummel Figurines and Porcelains

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Retired Goebel Hummel Figurines

M.I. Hummel Porcelain factory Marks and Trademarks:

Goebel has made numerous changes to their Hummel marks over the years.The figurines always include the M.I. Hummel signature, (unless they were too small), and/or the famous Bee & V.


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