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Goebel M.I. Hummel Porcelain

Hummel is a name that almost any porcelain collector recognizes, and M.I. Hummel figurines are some of the most widely collected porcelain figurines in the collectible porcelains market. Manufactured by Goebels, a German company started in 1871, these figurines are the artistic designs of Sister M.I. Hummel, recreated in three-dimensional fine German porcelain by the artists at Goebels.

Technically they are called Goebel’s Hummel figurines because it was the Goebel company that manufactured them. Sister Hummel created the designs, but Goebel made the pieces in the series. Although she passed away in 1946, the popularity of her designs continues to fuel new Hummel releases to this day.

Featuring children, their innocence, and their mischief, her designs were first introduced in 1935. The enthusiastic acceptance of the figurines spread to the introduction of Goebel Hummel plates, portraying scenes of children as vividly as Rockwell’s paintings did for life in America

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M.I. Hummel Porcelain factory Marks and Trademarks:

Goebel has made numerous changes to its Hummel marks over the years.The figurines always include the M.I. Hummel signature, (unless they were too small), and/or the famous Bee & V.


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Hummel School Boy #82/1/0

Most Popular Hummel Boy Figurines


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