Lladro Figurines Values and Prices

Lladro Nativity figurine
Lladro Nativity figurine

How to Find True Lladro Figurine Values…

Finding the value of Lladro figurines depends mainly on three factors; rarity, condition, and desirability*. And of course which type of value you are looking for; book value, (estimates by knowledgeable collectors), and true value, (what someone has and will pay).

As an example, a figurine might have a book value of $300 because collectors, (using their expertise, manufacturer’s suggested price, and past sales history), have determined that $300 is a fair value for the figurine. But true value, (the price someone would pay to buy it now), can be either higher, ($400), or lower ($200), than book value. (usually lower)

Figurine values for insurance and appraisals are typically Book values, and values for buying or selling right now are True values.

Lladro clown and girl figurine
Lladro clown and girl figurine

*The “desirability” factor pertains mostly to the figurine’s subject matter. Art and sentimental figurines, (like the Lladro clown and girl piece on the left), are typically more valued than specialty pieces like those of the professions or occasions. (like the “Just Married” figurine below)

Finding True value is actually easier than finding a trustworthy Book value. Here is a recent example of the difference:

Nao by Lladro Just Married #109 figurines
Lladro Just Married #109 figurines

This 1994 Nao figurine – Just Married #109, is a retired figurine, which means it is usually worth more than a current production figurine. When new, Nao listed this item for $149

An Internet search yielded these results:

  • List values ranged from a high of $283 at CollectibleSearch.com, to as low as $55, at other sites.
  • The True value was quite different. Using the two top auction and collectibles sales sites, Worthpoint.com and ebay.com actual “sold for” prices ranged from a high of $64.99 to a low of $26.00.

The point of this illustration is that if the Nao figurine being valued is not an extremely rare piece, (this applies to Lladro pieces as well), the easiest and most reliable place to get a value for the figurine is ebay!

Although much maligned, and too frequently thought of as an online “fleamarket,” the ebay of today is not the one most people think they know. It has the most available selections, and the most buyers and sellers in one place, of any site on the Internet.

In striving to compete with the “trustworthiness” reputation of Amazon.com, ebay has revamped their operations to make the customers experience, and the “trustworthiness” of their sellers, as safe and convenient as shopping at your favorite local antiques store. Read more on ebay’s Buyer’s Protection Plan

See current Lladro Figurine Values being offered:
You can use this link to see the actual prices of Lladro pieces, but, it will probably show 10,000 – 20,000 listings. You can reduce these results by using the search box at the top of the page.

Lladro trademark
See current Lladro figurine prices


How to find Lladro Figurines True values on ebay

  1. Log on to ebay.com (You can use the links provided below for Lladro figurine categories)
  2. If you know the exact description or piece number – enter it in the search bar at the top of the ebay page. If not, scroll through the available listings to find the piece you are looking. for
  3. What you will see first are the listings that are available, and the prices being asked.
    • Note that you will see a combination of auctions that you can bid on, and Buy-it-Now listings with a price that you can click and buy immediately – without bidding.


  4. This page will show you what seller’s think the figurine is worth. But the next step will show you what buyers were willing to pay, and give you an idea of the True value of the piece.
  5. Look on the left side of the ebay page, (left sidebar). Scroll down a little until you see this choice;
    • Show only
      • Expedited shipping
      • Returns accepted
      • Free shipping
      • Completed listings
      • Choose more…
  6. Click on the “Completed listings” choice. This will show you which of the listings for your piece sold, and for how much, and which pieces did not sell. The ones that sold, and the price they sold for, (the price will be in green), will give you an accurate idea of the True market value of the Lladro figurine or porcelain piece you are researching.
    • Note: The Worthpoint.com auction site is also very reliable for this process, but they do not have the sales volume and selection that ebay has – plus you have to sign-up as a member

See Recent Lladro Figurine Values:
You can use this link to see the actual prices of Lladro pieces recently sold, but, it will probably show 10,000 – 20,000 listings. You can reduce these results by using the search box at the top of the page.
>>> See recent Lladro figurine sales prices

• Confirm the authenticity of the Lladro factory marks with this printable factory marks chart:
   Lladro History, Factory, and Makers Marks

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A note about the “New ebay” and the collectibles market.


* Available on Amazon
“A Collector’s Book of Retired Lladró”

Another excellent source of Lladro pricing and figurine information is this collector’s guide – A Collector’s Book of Retired Lladró, by Peggy Whitehead. Ms. Whitehead has operated the site; El Portal Porcelana since 2004, and has been a consulting expert of Lladro porcelains since 1992.

Her book uses historical data from her own collections, and collecting efforts, as well as information from other premiere Lladro authorities.

The combination of collector’s appraisal prices, and ebay true sale prices will provide the most accurate estimate of the value of a Lladro figurine.

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