Lenox Butterfly Meadow Dinnerware

Lenox China Butterfly Meadow Dinnerware
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Lenox China Butterfly Meadow
Colorful, Light, and Very Popular

The Lenox Butterfly Meadow line of dinnerware and tableware is one of Lenox’s most popular designs. The company promo describes it as
“Based on the artistry of Louise Le Luyer, Butterfly Meadow china dinnerware features monarchs, tiger swallowtails, orange sulfurs, other winged species, and even dragonflies.”

But serious collectors and people that appreciate outstanding quality and design are already familiar with the Butterfly Meadow line. They already know the light and colorful atmosphere it brings to any table setting. What they want is the best selections to choose from, and the cheapest prices available.

The direct links in this guide are where other smart Lenox buyers go first – to buy the best deals online



The Lenox China Butterfly Meadow Pattern Dinnerware

A Google search for Lenox Butterfly Meadow dinnerware and service pieces will return over 190,000 results, – and all the top results are shopping pages, from the official Lenox store to Amazon and Nextag results.

But what do you find after hours of searching? ebay has the best price and selection almost 9 times out of 10!

Here is an example:

This 18pc Lenox China set, (above), has a suggested retail price of $304.99 – but nobody ever pays that!

The Lenox site sells it for $149.99, (currently out of stock), and Amazon has it for $147.18.

– But, as you can see below, someone bought the same 18pc set on ebay for… $74.00! Brand new, in the box!

Lenox china dinnerware butterfly meadow prices

Not Just Sets – Individual Pieces Too

ebay offers so many more choices for individual pieces too! On the day this was written these were the Butterfly Meadow selections available:

  • Lenox.com had 98 available pieces, (some were listed, but out of stock), and a single dinner plate was $16.95
  • Amazon.com had 414 available pieces, and a single dinner plate was $11.50
  • ebay.com had 1129 available pieces! And a single dinner plate sold for $7.50!

Note: These comparisons were for identical NEW pieces

So Why Buy From ebay

ebay buyer protection logo
The two best reasons smart shoppers check ebay first is selection and price of course, but the reason they buy from ebay is price and trust!

ebay has changed a lot! Today’s ebay isn’t like the “fleamarket” ebay of its early years. In their effort to become the Net’s largest and safest online market place they instituted several new programs designed to assure the buyer of a safe and satisfying buying experience.

Now their Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee even includes the original shipping cost!

lenox butterfly meadow dinnerware buy image

New Lenox China Listings Every Day

As mentioned, ebay had over 1100 Lenox listings when this was written, but Lenox sellers are adding new Lenox Dinnerware and plates listings every day, so there is always something new for you to pick from.

lenox butterfly meadow dinnerware buy image



More Lenox China Dinnerware Patterns

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