Most Expensive Lladro Figurines

A Grand Adventure #1888G Lladro Figurines
A Grand Adventure #1888G Lladro Figurines

The most expensive Lladro figurines are BIG pieces

Lladro figurines, both new and older collectibles, are known and desired for their tribute representations of life’s special moments, and some of the most expensive Lladro pieces represent some really BIG special moments.

Although typical Lladro collectible figurines are much more affordable, (and reasonably sized), here are a few examples of just how valuable a Lladro collectible can be.

A Grand Adventure #1888G Lladro Figurines:

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A Grand Adventure #1888G Lladro Figurines

A Grand Adventure #1888G Lladro Figurines

A $47,000 Lladro figurine

The most expensive retail-priced Lladro piece ever – “A Grand Adventure” was created as a limited edition issue of 500 pieces in 2002. It was sculpted by Lladro artist Joan Coderch, (and D Julio Ruizand), and was produced in a gloss finish. It has a listed retail price of $47,000.00, but one auction brought over $64,000 in its first year of issue.

Lladro price and value guides have listed private sales as high as $130,000 in 2011. It is possible that private auctions or arrangements for this grand Lladro porcelain creation may have exceeded this price tag. A Grand Adventure remains the most expensive retail-priced piece Lladro has ever produced.

At a staggering 17 x 53.25 inches, it may also be the largest piece Lladro has ever made.


Cinderella’s Arrival (1785G) Lladro Figurines:

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Cinderella's Arrival (1785G) Lladro Figurines

Cinderella’s Arrival (1785G) Lladro Figurines
A $38,500 Lladro figurine

Although not the most expensive Lladro piece ever, a “Cinderella’s Arrival” porcelain was recently sold for a whopping $26,400 in an auction sale.

Lladro issued Cinderella’s Arrival as a limited edition of 1500 pieces in 1994. It was sculpted by Lladro artist Francisco Polope, and produced in a gloss finish. Properly referred to as a “huge” piece, this 26 x 42.5-inch porcelain is a complete display all by itself. It certainly won’t be joining other Lladro figurines on a shelf.

But you can still buy one for yourself – only $29,025.00.


The Fox Hunt (5263) Lladro Figurines:

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The Fox Hunt (5263) Lladro Figurines

The $12,500 Fox Hunt (5263) Lladro Figurines

A $6,500 Lladro figurine ebay sale
Even though most Lladro figurines on ebay go for very reasonable prices, it is not too unusual to see pieces selling for thousands. This Lladro piece, like Cinderella’s Arrival above, is also a very large piece at 33 x 16 inches. It was sculpted by Lladro artist Salvador FuriĆ³ and was first issued in 1986.

It sold in a Buy-it-now/Best Offer format for around $6,500.
*Another similar “Fox Hunt” figurine sold for $4000 in an auction format between 12 bidders!

See Recent "Top Dollar" Lladro Figurines sales:
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Confirm the authenticity of a Lladro Spanish Porcelain Piece

Lladro Spanish Porcelain Logo
Lladro Figurines Factory Marks

Confirm the authenticity of the Lladro factory marks with this printable factory marks chart:

Lladro factory and maker's marks have changed over the years, from just the incised Lladro name to under-glazed logos and text. Here is a detailed factory marks chart and timeline.

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