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Willow Tree Nativity Scene
Willow Tree Nativity Set

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You don’t have to pay retail prices!

Shopping for discount prices on Willow Tree nativity sets in gift stores, and most online stores, can give you quite a shock when you see their prices. Most nativity scenes displayed are actually groupings of individual figurines and pieces, not one complete nativity set.

So that nice display scene you see is actually 3 – 7 individual sets – each priced individually. But there is a better, (and cheaper), way to create the nativity set of your dreams – ebay!

The comparisons below will show that you can save almost 50%, (that’s right, almost 1/2 price!), for the same new boxed sets – over what you would pay anywhere else.

… and still get brand new authentic Demdaco Willow Tree Collectibles – with ebay’s customer satisfaction guarantee!

This nativity scene is an example of what many people would consider a very nice display. But instead of being one set, it is actually a grouping of five Willow Tree nativity sets, with an average cost of approx. $338.30!

Willow Tree Nativity Scene Set

Creating the same grouping using deals you find on ebay could cost less than $215.00!

Grouping Avg. price ebay price*
Creche (Stable) $94.00  $54.99*
6pc Willow Tree Nativity Figurine Set $79.95  $46.00*
3 Wise Men Willow Tree Nativity Figurine Set       $68.50  $48.00*
Shepherd & Stable Animals $48.95  $36.00*
Angel of Prayer Willow Tree Nativity Figurine $16.95  $11.00*
Willow Tree Metal Star Backdrop $29.95  $16.38*
Total cost: $338.30  $212.37
Important note: The ebay prices are recent sale prices used for comparison, they are not solid retail prices! All Willow Tree figurines are not regular inventory items, so it is possible to find different prices for the same items everyday. Sometimes higher – sometimes even lower.

But there is an even better way to save money buying Willow Tree on ebay – buying groupings!
Often you can find nativity sets that are combined groups, like the 6-piece Nativity figurine set and the 3 Wise Men set – at a price even lower than their individual low ebay prices. You can see examples of this in the nativity sets shown below:

Check out the deals in these individual Willow Tree figurine categories. But remember, some listings may be one-time-deals, not regular inventory. So don’t let someone else snatch up that bargain you found – while you “think” about it.
Also, you don’t always have to wait for an auction win – just look for the “Buy-it-now” or “Best Offer” listings and grab your deal with just one-click.

Willow Tree Nativity: Creche, Christmas Story, Holy Shelter, Angel Stand, Metal Stars

Willow Tree Nativity Figurines: Holy Family, Wise Men, Shepard, Animals
Willow Tree Angels

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