Willow Tree Angels Say It With Love

Willow Tree Angel Figurines by Susan Lordi

Willow Tree Angels

… and Discount Prices by ebay

Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree Angel figurines are the perfect way to … say it with love. The beauty of their faceless interpretive forms capture the emotion of sincerity, and there is a huge design selection to portray the essence your message.

Where other figurines try to portray the moment with minute detailed design, Willow Tree figurines capture our most intimate feelings in forms that allow us to show the feeling in our hearts. Willow Tree angels present us with the canvas that portrays the emotion while still allowing us to imagine the details ourselves.

Where to buy Willow Tree Angels and Figurines…
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See these examples of the money you can save on ebay

Willow Tree Angel of Prayer
$19.95 vs. $11.00

Willow Tree Guardian Angel
$21.95 vs. $8.99
The figurine on the left, the Angel of Prayer, retails for $19.95, but the same figurine was purchased on ebay, new, in box, for only $11.00 – with FREE shipping!

The Willow Tree Guardian Angel on the right, retails for $21.95, but several were recently sold on ebay for $8.99. Again, new, in box. That’s a 60% savings! Of course that was an exceptional deal for some shopper, but the average selling price was still only $15 – $16 for a brand new item – a 30% savings for you.

See the most popular Willow Tree Angels

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