Spanish Porcelain Figurines

Lladro Spanish Porcelain Figurines Graphic
Lladro Spanish Porcelain Figurines Graphic

Lladro is famous for its fine Spanish porcelain figurines and is one of the premium lines of collectible porcelains. Primarily known for their figurines, there is a lot more to the Lladro line to excite collectors.

Compared to some porcelain collectibles that go back to the thirteenth century, Lladro is a relative newcomer. The first Lladro pieces were produced as a “side-line” around 1953, and the first company-produced pieces were made available in 1958.

Influenced by the designs of the early porcelain artists, the Lladro style developed into what is commonly referred to as “classic”, with flowing lines that portray gracefulness, and attention to detail that almost brings these sculpted figurines to life.

The evolution of Lladro’s designs represents values all people can understand. Their figurines are an expression of the best moments in life. Each piece represents a universal story, whether it is a tradition or special moment, or even our dreams and fantasies.

One look and it is easy to see why their pieces were almost instantly propelled to the top of the porcelain collectibles market. Retired Lladro figurines are already commanding top prices comparable to lines that are much older.


Where to find retired Lladro figurines.
When it comes to finding retired Lladro figurines there is no better online marketplace to start with than eBay, the place experienced collectors go to first. Even antique shops and Sotheby’s appraisers use eBay as a source for comparison evaluations.

How to buy Lladro figurines and collectibles and save money

Check eBay first!

Today’s eBay is not the eBay of past years. More reliable, more trustworthy sellers, and a shopping experience as easy as visiting a local retailer – but with better prices.

Here are a couple of examples of the Lladro figurine deals you can find on eBay.

Lladro 4672 Joseph Figurine
Lladro 4672 Joseph Figurine

Lladro 4672 Joseph Figurine
$20.06 vs. $116.00 plus

Lladro 4865
Lladro #4865 “The Embroiderer” Lady Figurine

Lladro #4865 “The Embroiderer” Lady
$90.00 vs. $189.99 plus

Why you should check ebay.

  • Cheapest prices
  • Largest selection – over 8000 selections, with new ones added daily
  • ebay Buyer Protection Plan – ebay’s money-back customer satisfaction guarantee now includes shipping costs too! Making your purchases as safe as those from your local gift shop.

    Plus, the “Top-Rate Seller” program ensures that you are buying from reputable sellers and collectors.

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A note about the “New ebay” and the collectibles market.


See the examples below for savings available for you


Lladro Figurines – Retired Collectible Porcelain


Lladro Spanish Porcelain Logo
How to find the True value of Lladro pieces

The true value of collectible porcelains is often different from the values you find on antiques web sites or collector’s price guides. The true value is what similar pieces are actually selling for. As mentioned above, serious collectors and professional appraisers use ebay everyday for value comparisons and availability searches.

Lladro Spanish Porcelain Logo
Lladro history and factory marks chart

Lladro factory and maker’s marks have changed over the years, from just the incised Lladro name, to under-glazed logos and text. Here is a detailed factory marks chart and timeline.


Clowns, Ballerinas, and More…

Many of Lladro’s figurines were produced in series to cover a subject, like; ballerinas or clowns, or the bonds of love between two people. Their wedding and bride & groom pieces are especially sought to become part of that special moment when two lives commit to one.

Lladro Figurines – Friends
Lladro “friends” figurines cover more than just “Best Pals.” The bonds between little girls and boys and their pets, or brothers and sisters are something the talented artists at Lladro portray magically.

The listings below are just a few examples.
*Click and scroll to see more

Retired Lladro Figurines – Ballerinas and Dancers

Lladro Ballerina Figurine






Lladro makes other pieces too.

Click any image to see the available pieces.

Retired Lladro Figurines

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