Lladro Figurines Price Guide – Prices and Photos

Lladro procelain figiurines collectors price guides
Lladro procelain figiurines collectors price guides

Official Lladro Authorized, and Expert Collectors Reference Guides

These Lladro figurines price guides, both new and collectible, are the best possible source for actual market pricing guidelines, and for professional photos to help identify and authenticate Lladro porcelains.

Written by such noted Lladro experts as Peggy Whiteneck and Jenny Kendal, plus the officially Lladro-authorized guide by D. Glenn S. Johnson.

The Official Lladro Collection Reference Guide 2006:

 Lladro figurines identification and price guide
Lladro Collection Reference Guide 2006

Expert knowledge – Lladro authorized
by D. Glenn S. Johnson.
The ultimate reference source for the world’s largest collection of porcelain figurines and sculptures – over 4000 porcelain pieces produced from 1941 through the latest productions for 2006. Organized by theme — from children with flowers to elegant ladies to limited edition sculptures to functional items. Each entry includes name, photograph, reference numbers, height, activity status, issue year and price, plus retirement year and price.

Collector testimonial:
“As a Lladro collector for more than 25 years, this is by far the best up-to-date, information-packed guide to buying, collecting, and even selling or auctioning world-famous LladrĂ³.”

“It is comprehensive in providing even the novice collector with a good ‘grounding’ in the value of these highly desirable porcelain collectibles (not to mention it IS the most sought after and collected porcelain of all famous brands, worldwide!).”

  • Authorized Lladro Price Guide

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Lladro Identification and Price Guide 2nd Edition:

Lladro Identification and Price Guide 2nd Edition

Lladro Identification and Price Guide 2nd Edition

By porcelain expert Peggy Whiteneck
Featuring more than 2000 listings and 600 color photographs, this guide provides a comprehensive look at Lladro figurines and porcelain sculptures. A Lladro design is an elegant, romantic, handcrafted, fine porcelain instantly recognizable in its shades of blue, cream, grey, and brown. There is a new chapter on “un-cataloged” Lladro.

Peggy Whiteneck is an extremely knowledgeable and well-respected expert in the collectibles field. An enthusiastic author, she prices Lladro pieces for Price Guide to Contemporary Collectibles and Limited Editions. Peggy has previously published articles in Collector’s Mart magazine. She has been collecting Lladro for years and has been relentless in researching information about these exquisite pieces. She lives in East Randolph, Vermont.

  • Lladro Identification Price Guide


See Recent “Top Dollar” Lladro Figurines sales:
See the actual prices of Lladro pieces recently sold.
See recent Lladro figurine sales prices

Lladro factory and maker’s marks have changed over the years, from just the incised Lladro name, to under-glazed logos and text. Here is a detailed factory marks chart and timeline.

Confirm the authenticity of your Lladro factory marks:
Lladro Spanish Porcelain Logo
Lladro history and factory marks chart


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Lladro Figurines – Retired Collectible Porcelain

Lladro Mother – Child Figurines Lladro Wedding Figurines
Lladro Mother and Daughter Figurines
Lladro Bride and Groom Wedding Figurines
Lladro Professions Lladro Pets and Anamals
Lladro Doctor Nurse Figurines
Lladro Pets and Animals Figurines

Lladro Spanish Porcelain Logo
How to find the True value of Lladro pieces
The true value of collectible porcelains is often different from the values you find on antiques web sites or collector’s price guides. The true value is what similar pieces are actually selling for. As mentioned above, serious collectors and professional appraisers use ebay every day for value comparisons and availability searches.


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