Lenox Winter Greetings Dinnerware

Lenox China Winter Greetings Dinnerware

Lenox China – The Winter Greetings Pattern

The Lenox Winter Greetings Dinnerware Pattern is a fantastic celebration of the holidays. Using the Red Cardinal as an icon of the season, this pattern is full of holiday symbols; the colors, ribbons, holly and berries, pine needles, and other winter bird depictions, this pattern will bring an unmistakable theme to your table.

Collectors and other smart shoppers are familiar with the impressiveness of the Winter Greetings designs, and they are also familiar with Lenox’s reputation for quality and fine china. What they are looking for are the best selections and prices for the dinnerware settings and service pieces they want to add to their collection. Or for the gifts, they have in mind.

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The Lenox China Winter Greeting Pattern – Standards and Variety – All in One Design

The main dinner plates and place settings of Winter Greetings design are of a uniform pattern, which serves as an anchor for the table setting, and the variety of add-on pieces, like; mugs, service pieces, hostess trays, and casserole dishes, which feature the red Cardinal and other holiday depictions add the joy of the season to present a tabletop that is a feast for the eyes.

The company promo describes it this way:

“The festive design, featuring the artistry of Catherine McClung, is an intricate composition of garden birds, red and gold bows, and holly. Crafted of fine china and trimmed in precious gold, this collection will grow more cherished with each new holiday season.”

Lenox Winter Greeting Dinnerware Pattern

Just one look at this delightful pattern will tell you more than all of the above descriptions combined. And they are right when they say you will love these china settings more and more with each passing season.

Make Sure You Never Have to Pay Too Much

Forget retail, and forget spending hours surfing the web trying to find the best prices for the pieces you want. When you do a search for this pattern, Google returns almost 140,000 results. Almost all are shopping sites!

Smart collectors and shoppers know to skip all that and check ebay first. here is just one real-life example of why:

This 12 pc. Winter Greetings Set is the same for all three sites.

Lenox china winter greeting dinnerware pattern Amazon prices
Lenox china winter greetings dinnerware pattern ebay prices

Not Just Sets – Individual Pieces Too

ebay offers so many more choices for individual pieces too! On the day this was written there were over 1900 Winter Greetings selections available:

Lenox china winter greetings dinnerware pattern ebay prices

So Why Buy From ebay

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The two best reasons smart shoppers check ebay first are selection and price of course, but the reason they buy from ebay is price and trust!

Today’s ebay isn’t like the “fleamarket” ebay of its early years. In their effort to become the Net’s largest and safest online market place, they instituted several new programs designed to assure the buyer of a safe and satisfying buying experience.

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New Lenox China Listings Every Day

As mentioned, ebay had over 1900 Lenox listings when this was written, but Lenox sellers are adding new Lenox Dinnerware and plates listings every day, so there is always something new for you to pick from.

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