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Cat’s Meow Village Wooden Collectible Pieces

From a loft workshop handicraft to an international phenomena, the story of the Cats Meow Village Wooden Collectibles is an American success story. The biggest question now is usually “What are my Cats Meow pieces worth?”

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Beauregard House Cats Meow Village

What Cats Meow Pieces Are Worth

See how to find their value, and where to get the best prices for those special Cats Meow Village piece you have been looking for.


Painting Cats Meow Village pieces in  basement workshop

How Cats Meow Pieces Are Made

From her grandfather’s barn loft workshop, to her basement workshop, to national production, see the evolution of how Cats meow Village Wooden Collectibles were made..

Cats Meow Village Garrison House
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History of Cats Meow Village Collectibles

They started life in a barn loft workshop, graduated to a basement workshop an then exploded into production for international sales. The American success story of Faline Jones Cats Meow Village Collectible pieces.


Where to find Cats Meow Village pieces
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Cats Meow Village Collection
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You might be interested in the first Cat’s Meow Village series issued in 1983.



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