Capodimonte Italian Porcelain Figurines, Vases, and Chandeliers

Capodimonte Italian porcelain Figurine
   Capodimonte Porcelain Figurines

Capodimonte, unlike other collectible porcelain names, such as; Hummel, or Royal Doulton, is not a specific brand name, it is a regional name for a style of Italian porcelain figurines, vases, and other pieces, made in the Capodimonte, (sometimes written as Capo di Monte), region of Italy.

There was an original Royal Manufactury, (factory), that produced what is now known as Capodimonte porcelain, but Capo di monte is not a company or producer’s name – it is Italian for “top of the hill.”

Collectible Capodimonte pieces focus on three primary segments;

  • figurines
  • vases
  • candelabras

Although there are many more types of porcelain pieces produced in this area, such as; trinket boxes, bowls, etc., the ornate and colorful designs of the Capodimonte style are especially impressive in the three areas mentioned. Rare and retired Capodimonte pieces command some of the highest prices of all Italian porcelain collectibles.

Capodimonte is a very vivid design style of porcelain design. Generally very colorful, Capodimonte flowers, whether as an individual piece, like a bouquet basket, or as decorations on other figurines, are easily recognizable, and very collectible.

Capodimonte Italian porcelain factory mark

You can see a detailed history of how this region became a center for porcelain manufacturers here: Capodimonte Factory and Makers Marks Guide

Where to find antique Capodimonte pieces and values:
Unless you have stumbled onto an extremely rare find, almost all antique Capodimonte pieces available in today’s collector’s market will be from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. The rare 1700s and early 1800’s pieces are usually only found in museums, and seldom become available in the open market.

Even with the many online antique shops selling Capodimonte, ebay has turned out to be the most reliable source for finding and pricing these collectibles. You will find that even dedicated antique shops and sites refer to, and check, ebay first.

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Early Capodimonte Modellers and Artists:

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